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March 31, 2021

Girrrl Part 2: Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker

Girrrl Part 2: Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker

Life hacks? See a friend who needs some rest? Reach out. Networking is important to sustain your relationships and your self-care. Sisterhood extends beyond blood. Another life hack? Reclaim your time and cut out the things that no longer serve you. This includes social media, people, and organizations. Serve yourself and grow yourself. You’ll be better able to serve others. Today April is joined by Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker, hosts of Girrrl Can I Ask You Something? Podcast. Girrrl…listen in as April, Rhumel, and Twanda discuss what it means to be, what it means to grow into your full self, what it means to be reclaim your time, and what it means to find your passion again. This is a 2-part episode so make sure to catch both! (Part 2 of 2)


Self-Reflection Questions:

·         Who is in your support network?

·         Can you lend a hand?

·         Have you cut out the things that no longer serve you?

·         How are you growing yourself?

·         If you’re serving others, have you served yourself first?


Where to find Rhumel Anderson & Twanda Baker:  Podcast


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