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April 21, 2021

Don’t Compromise Who You Are with Dr. Kay Banks

Don’t Compromise Who You Are with Dr. Kay Banks

Have you lost your identity in your job? In your marriage? It’s not fair to call it a midlife crisis because it’s not quite that. It’s a realization that you aren’t happy, being, or doing what you want. What do you do when this happens? Today Dr. Kay and April discuss a path forward when you have that moment. Sometimes, you need to figure out if you really need to compromise or if you’re just incompatible with your job, partner, or life choices. Listen in and get ready to get back out there and be your full self. It’s time to start living again!

 Take Aways:

·       Realize things happen in different stages.

·       Set a routine.

·       Acknowledge the feelings.

·       Pivot to happiness.

·       Experience what life has to offer after 40.


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