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Aug. 25, 2020

Be Weird and Be Happy with Nanea Hoffman

Be Weird and Be Happy with Nanea Hoffman
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The Other Side of 40 is a dedicated space to women who have made positive changes in their lives after the age of 40. Join host, April Grant, as she highlights women to help you find inspiration as you start the next chapter of your life.

Today we are joined by Nanea Hoffman, owner and founder ofSweatpants and Coffee. Listen in and find out how to follow your happiness to craft your success. If you lean into your weird, you’ll find happiness.

What makes you happy? Maybe you think you need to go on a quest and reflect on a time long ago to find it. It’s actually much simpler than that. Take a shower and off the top of your head say what makes you happy. That is how our guest, Nanea Hoffman, did it. Sweatpants and Coffee was born out of a desire to just be happy. Nanea leaned in and decided to share her happiness with the world. Did Nanea have an idea how to build a website when she started? No, but she did know that you learn by doing. Nanea set out to learn because she knew that she needed to share her experience. She knew she wasn’t the only one feeling this way and she had to connect with others who felt like she did.

Nanea reminds us of the importance of finding community. Your community can be in person or online. How do you find your community? Two things:  It needs to be a place where you belong and it needs to be a place where you don’t have to audition to be a part. You don’t have to go on a mission to find out what makes you smile; you only have to be willing to be yourself completely. Be weird. Be you. Be happy.

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