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Feb. 24, 2021

Battling Eating Disorders after 40 with Tasha Edwards

Battling Eating Disorders after 40 with Tasha Edwards

Join April and Tasha while they talk about real health issues that affect Black women. From eating disorders, to hair, to how Black women have been left out of serious discussions regarding eating disorders, this episode talks about how generational practices affect diet, weight loss, and working out. Tasha uses her personal experience and provides opportunities for listeners to self-reflect. Listen along as you continue (or begin) your journey to being the healthiest version of yourself.

 Today’s topics:

  • Disordered eating is a systemic issue
  • Diet is affected by the availability of food.
  • You can work out and not sweat your hair out.
  • Food options help your kids become versatile eaters.


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