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Oct. 29, 2020

Awakening, Veganism & Healing: A Conversation with Nzingah Oniwosan

Awakening, Veganism & Healing: A Conversation with Nzingah Oniwosan
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Today we are joined by Nzingah Oniwosan, founder of Sankofa’s Child is a Haitian American inspirational speaker and a holistic health consultant. An award winning visual artist merges her art with inspiration to teach people how to heal holistically.

***Content warning: Discussion of sexual assault***

Nzingah Oniwosan has made the most of her awakenings. Each time, she has become clearer as to who she is. She renamed herself, shifted religions, and birthed herself again. Nzingah breaks veganism down in a way that makes us realize we can all eat a little healthier than we do. Listen in as Nzingah takes us on her journey to health and wellness and pick up some tips along the way.

Today’s show will cover:

  • Veganism- It’s as easy as changing just one meal!
  • Therapy- It’s a must!
  • Reduce Stress-It’s non-negotiable!
  • Healing--It’s a journey!
  • Forgiveness-It’s necessary for you to forgive your younger self!
  • Aligning your mind, body, and spirit- It’s the answer!

***   Clarification: Please consult with your health care practitioner/doctor before changing your medication habits. Eating more vegetables and less meat may be a healthier option, but do not stop taking any prescribed medication and do not adopt any drastic dietary changes without the express consent of your medical/wellness team.

Where to find Nzingah?Website  | Facebook  |Instagram 

Keep an eye out for365zing, a wellness app for BIPOC women, which launches on November 28, 2020

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