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July 23, 2021

Season 4, Episode 12: Interview with Alfonso Mendoza

Season 4, Episode 12: Interview with Alfonso Mendoza

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge the dominant narrative that often negatively portrays our disenfranchised populations.

I’m your host, Charles Williams. An urban educator for more than 15 years, a current school principal in Chicago, an educational consultant, an equity advocate, and the co-host of Inside The Principal’s Office.

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In this episode, I chat with Alfonso Mendoza, an Instructional Technologist & Google Innovator from South Texas with 15 years of experience in education. He has a Masters degree in Educational Technology along with a graduate certificate in E-Learning and a graduate certificate in Technology Leadership in Education. Alonso is a servant leader and am always looking for ways to help my learning community use the power of technology which he facilitates through his show, My Ed Tech Life. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

During our conversation, we talked about one Alfonso’s passions, technology. In addition to sharing his top 3 tools that we should all be using when we return to our school, we discussed the need to take risks and to step outside of our comfort zones. Technology, for many, can be intimidating and but that our vulnerability helps to build community especially when we learn and grow from one another. A fellow Code Breaker, Alfonso and I also had the opportunity to get to know one another a little better and realized that we had much in common. And don’t miss his clever acronym for memorizing the elements plants need for survival. Why would you need to know that? Think million dollar question on a game show.

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