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April 10, 2021

Why We Don't Vote, PT1: The Media

Why We Don't Vote, PT1: The Media

Yellow Cake, The Plame Affair And Howard Dean

Angel And Jake Open With Their Own Personal Histories Of Voting. Then, Jake Delves Into A Deeper Personal Timeline, A 20 Year History Of Why He Doesn't Vote, And The Political, Media Moments That Always Seemed Strange To Him: Judith Miller And The NY Times Yellow Cake Uranium Story, Valerie Plame And Joseph Wilson; Finally, Ending With Howard Dean's Scream Of 2004. What Do These Stories Have In Common? Big Media. If You Enjoy Our Words And Thoughts, And Find Value In What We Do, Please Visit Our Donation Links Or Sign-Up For Our Locals Community: $3 A Month Gets You An Exclusive Episode, Blogs, Updates And More.

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