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Jan. 16, 2021

The Transhumanist Future PT2

The Transhumanist Future PT2

In PT2, We Discuss Natasha Vita-More's Philosophy Of The Perfect Human Smart Body--Or, Is It, The Perfect Female Body? We Venture Into Elon Musk's Experiments With The Three Little Pigs And His Data Collection Brain Implant, Neuralink. And, Did You Know That The Transhumanist Movement Has A Political Party? Welp, You Will After Listening To This Episode. Also, We Scoff, Smirk And Laugh About Sex-Bots, The Nerd Mindset And The Cultural Conditioning Of Our Bodies...And, Minds. Sign-Up For The Newsletter And, If You Find Value In What We Do, Return That Value By Visiting Our Donation Links.

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