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Feb. 1, 2023

E57 - Toy Exchange Canada - Play and Learn. Return. Repeat - Rent Your Toys Today

E57 - Toy Exchange Canada - Play and Learn. Return. Repeat - Rent Your Toys Today

E57 - Toy Exchange Canada - Play and Learn. Return. Repeat - Rent Your Toys Today

Carissa MacLennan joins us to talk toys! Yes, Dave is super happy to talk all things toys!  Imagine renting your toys instead of buying toys that your kids grow out of and then you are stuck with toys destined for the landfill!  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles... Lend us your ear!  What a great gift idea for new parents - the gift that keeps on giving!  Be apart of the solution, sign up for Toy Exchange Club today!!

Join the Club!
Toy Exchange Club is reducing the need for toy ownership.
We  ensure children have access to the right toys at the right time to support their development. Once they outgrow the rental toys, they can be used by another family. This sharing economy approach reduces waste in these key areas:

  • Materials and resources used to manufacture new wooden toys
  • Packaging materials 
  • Carbon emissions (by keeping shipping local)
  • Non-recyclable plastic toys

We also try to:

  • Source educational toys made of natural materials and non-toxic paints
  • Use waste-free packaging, including locally-made upcycled cloth bags
  • Re-purpose returned shipping boxes and Kraft paper through local businesses
  • Use Canadian and American-made eco-friendly cleaning products on our wooden toys

Why Rent Toys?

- Receive 7-8 educational toys every 3 months
- Avoid toy clutter in your home
- Save $400 per year by renting
- Get expert-backed wooden toys to support learning & development
- Keep outgrown toys out of the landfill
- No charge for occasional lost or broken pieces

We believe that childhood play should have a positive impact on both our children’s future and the planet’s.


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