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Jan. 22, 2023

E55 - New Year, New Location, Some Updates and More to come

E55 - New Year, New Location, Some Updates and More to come

EPISODE 55 - New Year, New Location, Some Updates and More to come

Hey guys!  So it is 2023, we are still running around like crazy tying up loose ends with our business and making strides towards new adventures with UpCycle Canada in 2023

Dave here!  Jumping on to say hi!  Been thinking of you all and  wanted to give you a quick update on the store, our business and what is ahead this year.

We officially closed our retail location as of Dec 24th 2022 when our landlord presented us a 5 year lease option on our store which we could not commit to as well as the obvious rent/lease increase - with sales slowing down we knew it was time to close our dream store location.

We have found a new home at the https://niagarafleamarket.ca/

We have a nice size booth - a fraction of our storefront space but at a cheaper rate with less overhead.  The market is open every Sunday - so if you are in the area on a Sunday drop by and see our new home.

We are going to be back with new eco-friendly guests this year here on the podcast as well as getting back into our recording of the podcast

We are thinking of doing a live podcast recording - toying with that idea, let us know if you want to be in our studio audience!!??

Lots of great things ahead, we miss all of you, wanted you to know that we are still here despite all the hardships and disappointments with the closure of our store frint, we will carry on with our custom orders, vendor events, our podcast and serving you!, our friends!

Thanks for your support
Love always 
Dave and Jen 

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