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Dec. 13, 2022

E52 - Our Dad Space Podcast - How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Contentment in Your Dad Journey

E52 - Our Dad Space Podcast - How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Contentment in Your Dad Journey


Our Dad Space Podcast - How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Contentment in Your Dad Journey

As we close off 2022, we are busy closing down our storefront, still working full-time, completing custom orders and saying goodbye to our walk-in retail customers, we wanted to share some of our other podcasts that we do with our UpCycle Canada Family!

I Created Dad Space - a podcast for Dads by Dads to encourage men at any stage along their journey to be a better Dad!  I would love if you checked out our podcast and subscribe and share it with those you love!

This is a sample episode to give you a taste of the show!

We will be back together with Jen to talk about all the updates for UpCycle Canada - looking forward to that as well!

So here is a summary of the notes from this episode on Dad Space


How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Contentment in Your Dad Journey

As a Dad we tend to operate in a provider mode - putting others first, making sure everyone around us is good - but what about us, what if we are not... good.  What happens when we "get in the way" of others, we push others hard, maybe too hard.

How do we become more mindful of others in our day to day and become aware of moments when putting someone ahead of us and stepping aside can change the course of someone's day - or even their life?!

I had one of those days yesterday, I didn't have time to jump into a room I frequent every week, a room on Clubhouse - the social audio app where you can connect with others and speak on hosted "stages" in topics that interest you as a participant.  I was busy, I had lots going on that day - no time for Clubhouse - but there was this voice - "You need to be there, you will miss this opportunity, go there now" - but I don't have time, "Go there now" - but the room is almost over, it's too late to jump in on the conversation... "Go there now!"  So I did. I joined the room as it was closing, unaware of the topic of the day, I missed all the great speakers, I was as lost as a grade nine student on the first day of classes!

With no thought of the result, no consideration really as to if my words mattered in that moment or if they were going to be received, I shared my praise for her instead of me and my thing - I got out of the way.  The results were fantastic.

I have been mulling this over and sharing this thought with others as we cross paths, they tend to write this down as I shared it with them - so here is my thought for this week, and for you - "If you can't find contentment in the journey, it won't be there to greet you when you arrive"  We get in the way by putting ourselves first, even if we are trying to make others around us better - we put great stock in the result, that is where and when we will be content - when I reach this goal, cross that line, hit that target - THEN, and only then will I be content.  

Get out of your own way, today!


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