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Oct. 12, 2022

E50 - Camille Lee Joins in to talk about her business Wear Em Out Tees

E50 - Camille Lee Joins in to talk about her business Wear Em Out Tees

Episode 50 - 

Camille Lee Joins in to talk about her business Wear Em Out Tees

About Us:
Welcome to our circular-fashion home! All Wear Em Out Tees inventory is comprised of a careful selection of pre-loved t-shirts transformed into soft, upcycled graphic tees for you!

Find your one-of-a-kind find right here and be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates on future launches!

Did you know that it takes approximately 713 gallons of water to make one newly-produced t-shirt? That's an exchange we cannot afford. The Earth's precious resources are far too important to protect for fashion's sake.

Join us as we skip supporting fast fashion brands and shop more circularly.

#PreLovedFashion, #LandfillDiversion, and #CircularFashion.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

"Thank you for my items!!! I love them and more importantly what they stand for. We need more WOC to get ahead of the lifestyle of being eco friendly." - Katisha, Carol Stream, IL

"I absolutely love this shirt so much that I just bought 3 more (!!!) I might give one away though. Maybe. Or maybe not." - Shannon, Darien, IL

"I got the shirt. Thank You! It's so cute." - Mireya, North Aurora, IL

"Those t-shirts were beautiful and the softness of the material was unbelievable. So, by the spring I am sure I will order some more. Thanks again and I will share the qualities of the product with others." - Cynthia, Chicago, IL

"I love my super soft t-shirt with its unique color. The inspirational saying promotes a positive attitude for the day." - Angie, Champaign, IL

"I can't wait to shop again." - Tunisha, Carol Stream, IL

"The shirts are wildly comfy." - Shannon, Darien, IL

"I love my new shirts, thank you! I wore the navy blue one yesterday." - Trudy, Chicago, IL

"Super soft! I love the feel!!! They came yesterday and once I got them out I was like awww. Such cute packaging!" - D'Juana, Lisle, IL

"Hi Camille, love the t shirts and packaging is so cute! I [also] purchased one tshirt to give to my sister." - Lisa, Naperville, IL


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