Oct. 12, 2022

E49 - Stacy Grinsfelder - Blogger, Podcaster and How To Expert Sharing True Tales From Old Houses

E49 - Stacy Grinsfelder - Blogger, Podcaster and How To Expert Sharing True Tales From Old Houses
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Stacy joins  us to share her journey,  
- starting with stepping into a home built in 1885, 
- the passion and work it took to make this house a home for her family
- passing on her love for rehab and refurbishing to the next generation
- her podcast, blog and YouTube content that takes her community along for the ride
- her desire to help with the big and little questions
- and how a great side of the road find ended up becoming a long walk home 
- all in the name of salvage, repurposing and restoration!

Our Guest: 

Stacy launched True Tales From Old Houses in 2017 to connect and share stories with old house lovers and devoted DIYers. The goal of the show has always been equal parts entertainment and education. Since the launch, she has become a trusted voice in the old house community. True Tales From Old Houses was named one of "11 Great Podcasts for Preservation Fans" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. (savingplaces.org)

Stacy's second job is restoring and preserving her historic home built in the 1880s. Since 2014, she has been documenting the process on the Blake Hill House blog. She has a deep fondness for original wood windows, and educating people about the importance of keeping them is one of her passions.

Related to podcasting, she is a devoted theatre nerd with many years of public speaking and amateur acting experience.

The Podcast: True Tales From Old Houses is a light-hearted, entertaining, and educational show for lovers of old houses and buildings, DIYers, history buffs, and restoration and preservation junkies.

Available bi-weekly, host Stacy Grinsfelder shares personal project updates, listener Q & A, and interviews with engaging old house owners, restoration professionals, and craftspeople.


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