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Feb. 4, 2022

Top 5 best automatic farms to build in minecraft

Here are the links to the tutorials 1.fish and bones farm https://youtu.be/VThwdmHlhB0 2.sugarcane farm https://youtu.be/bPcSx8Gu…

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Jan. 30, 2022

Top 5 best seeds in minecraft(1.18)

All the best seeds for minecraft

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Jan. 23, 2022

Best y-level for each ore(1.18)

Including diamonds,coal,gold,emerald,iron,redstone and lapis

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Jan. 3, 2022

Best enchantments

The best enchantments for all your armour and weapons

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June 28, 2021

The caves and cliffs update part 2 (1.18)

All the facts you need to know about the upcoming update

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May 6, 2021

Best biomes for homes (part 1)

We go over the pros and cons of biomes in minecraft

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April 11, 2021

More tips and tricks

Some more tips and tricks to help you in your minecraft world

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March 20, 2021

The caves and cliffs update

All the new additions and changes to minecraft following this major update

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Feb. 15, 2021

Spawn proofing

How to stop mobs from spawning

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Feb. 1, 2021

Time saving tips

All the tips to help you save time

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Jan. 16, 2021

Defeating the temples

Heres how to defeat the Desert and jungle temples

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Jan. 8, 2021

Hunger management

Hunger is a key thing in minecraft so here's all the facts

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Dec. 2, 2020


Mining is the most productive thing to do in minecraft so here's some quick tips on how to do it well

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Nov. 15, 2020

Mob grinding

Heres some of the most simple mob farming machines

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Oct. 31, 2020

Furniture /easy ways to give your house that homey kinda feeling

We all know that furniture is not in minecraft but that doesn't mean your home will be empty especially with these decor tips

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Oct. 6, 2020

How to defeat a nether fortress

How to defeat a nether fortress

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Oct. 3, 2020

Transportation methods

All the easy and hard transportation methods

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Sept. 4, 2020

How to defeat an end city

How to defeat the city of the end

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Aug. 30, 2020

How to defeat a bastion remant

All the tips to defeating a bastion remant

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Aug. 20, 2020

End survival

Complete guide to surviving in the end

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Aug. 9, 2020

Nether survial

All the tips to survive in the nether

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July 30, 2020

How to defeat a village raid

All the tips and tricks to defeat a village raid

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July 29, 2020

What to do when you're bored in minecraft

Ever felt like you've done everything in Minecraft listen to this it might give you a few new ideas

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