June 16, 2022

Branding Your Safety Company & Creating Cool Safety Videos, w/ Rachel Walla

Rachel Walla, a Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consultant with Ally Safety, comes back onto the show to talk with Apolonia.

In this episode, Rachel and Apolonia explore:

* How women in the safety industry are often overqualified, yet we still feel we have to prove ourselves to our colleagues (who happen to be mostly men).

* Rachel’s plans to film more safety videos, including ones where she tests (and destroys!) personal protective equipment (PPE).

* Rachel’s memories about filming her first (and now embarrassing) safety video, and then not filming her second video until three years later.

* Branding your safety company, and how Rachel went through a few different names before committing to calling her company Ally Safety.

* Why Rachel named her company Ally Safety: “Because I wanted us to be your ally in workplace safety.”

* There’s no clear path to ensure that your safety career is successful. It takes a lot of trial and effort, plus a ton of heart and soul.

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Rachel WallaProfile Photo

Rachel Walla


Rachel is a Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consultant with Ally Safety, on a mission to create innovative, engaging solutions for businesses through consulting, custom safety videos, and materials that interest employees and make safety accessible.