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The Influencer

June 22, 2022

Melissa Tander had a pretty good life. She was a social media influencer, and had a paid deal with a local eatery, until all that came to a crashing halt when murder reared it's ugly head on a hot summer day. Hosted by Damie…

Never Smile At An Alligator

June 9, 2022

Steven Wright went out fishing one day, and never returned. As the townsfolk look for him, they uncover a love triangle, and several melted oatmeal crime pies. Hosted by Damien Winchester formally from the podcasts: Murder C…

For The Love Of Arson

May 30, 2022

Mary Katz was having an ordinary day at a small town festival, when all of the sudden, she wasn't. Hosted by Damien Winchester formally from the podcasts: Sh**ts In The Storm and Murder Has No Pronouns Produced by Christophe…

The I427 Mystery

May 23, 2022

The Devil’s Ankle stretch of highway has become a dumping group for the forgotten dead. Damien invites Stella Hops, a clairvoyant to come see the location and try to solve the age old mystery. Hosted by Damien Winchester for…

The Case Of Molly Donemore.

May 20, 2022

In the small silver mining town of Wallace, Idaho, a young girl goes missing and the only clue left behind is her bike. The local sheriff is baffled and every townsfolk could be a potential suspect. Hosted by Damien Winchest…