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July 25, 2022

331 Part 2: WWF Fully Loaded '99 Deep Dive

331 Part 2: WWF Fully Loaded '99 Deep Dive
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In what could only be described as divine intervention, this week is our WWF Fully Loaded '99 deep dive courtesy of a Patreon request. It was billed as the End of an Era as if Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker in a WWF Championship First Blood Match, then Vince McMahon would be gone from WWF for good.

Of course, Austin won. Vince left. For a few days. Then he was back and eventually WWF Champion before the end of the year.

Take a deep dive with us for Part 2 of episode 331 as we discuss all of that and more from July 25, 1999 in Buffalo, NY as WWF presented Fully Loaded 1999.


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