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Aug. 13, 2021

295: WWF SummerSlam '99 Deep Dive

295: WWF SummerSlam '99 Deep Dive


This week, we take a deep dive into the 1999 edition of WWF'S SUMMERRRSSSLLLAAAMMM (Season 12, Episode 1 on Peacock!) where the product left a whole lot to be desired. We dive into Jesse Ventura's involvement and what the chatter in the media was like then, the ridiculous Vince Russo booking leading up to the main event, the seeds being planted for an all-time tag team division, and much more!

The card:

  • WWF Intercontinental Championship and WWF European Championship: D'Lo Brown (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett
  • Tag team turmoil match to determine #1 contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian vs. Jeff and Matt Hardy vs. Mideon and Viscera vs. Droz and Prince Albert vs. The Acolytes vs. Hardcore and Crash Holly
  • WWF Hardcore Championship: Big Boss Man (c) vs. Al Snow
  • WWF Women's Championship: Ivory (c) vs. Tori
  • Lion's Den Weapons match: Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman
  • Greenwich Street Fight: Test vs. Shane McMahon
  • WWF Tag Team Championships: Kane and X-Pac (c) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Big Show and The Undertaker) (w/Paul Bearer)
  • Kiss My Ass match: The Rock vs. Billy Gunn
  • Triple threat match for the WWF Championship with Jesse Ventura as the special guest referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. Triple H (w/ Chyna) vs. Mankind


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