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April 1, 2021

278: WWF WrestleMania XV Deep Dive w/ The Blue Meanie

278: WWF WrestleMania XV Deep Dive w/ The Blue Meanie

To date, it's been the only WrestleMania to take place in the City of Brotherly Love, and this week, we have our very special guest The Blue Meanie to take the deep dive with us into WrestleMania XV! Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock headline what may not have been the greatest WrestleMania ever, but there's certainly no shortage of stories to come out of the March 28, 1999 pay-per-view from the First Union Center.

ECW icon and WWF superstar The Blue Meanie joins the guys as we take not only a deep dive into the event itself, but a peak behind the curtain into the leadup, the WrestleMania Rage Party, his involvement in WrestleMania, icons who were involved in and around the show, and so much more on this episode. We'll hear behind-the-scenes stories from the Meanie, from his times going to WrestleMania as a kid to being a part of the event in his own hometown.


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