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Feb. 11, 2021

272: WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999 Deep Dive

272: WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999 Deep Dive

Happy St. Valentine's Day Weekend!

This week, we're heading back to 1999 WWF and the height of the Austin vs. McMahon rivalry: St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Austin and McMahon carried these few months along with The Rock and Mick Foley, as WWF TV was must-watch each and every week. This pay-per-view was no different, but not because of the undercard (woof), but the main event scene. Oh, and the WWF debut of one BIG superstar.

The card:

• Bluedust vs. Goldust

• WWF Hardcore Title Match: Bob Holly vs. Al Snow

• Mideon vs. The Big Bossman

• WWF World Tag Team Title Match: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (w/Debra) (c) vs. D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry (w/Ivory)

• WWF Intercontinental Title Match (Special Referee: Billy Gunn): Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock)

• The Corporation (Chyna/Kane) w/Shane McMahon vs. D-Generation X (Triple H/X-Pac)

• WWF World Heavyweight Title Last Man Standing Match: Mankind (c) vs. The Rock

• Steel Cage Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon


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