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The Sportscaster Dan Podcast

The Sportscaster Dan Podcast

Sportscaster Dan Lovallo comments on sports, with an emphasis on baseball, golf and the sports media.

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22. U.S. Open on NBC

June 17, 2021

Good morning, all! The 121st U.S. Open Golf Association’s championship gets underway this morning and befitting the major tournament there will be near wall-to-wall television coverage on NBC, the Golf Channel and Peacock. In this podcast, I detail the television coverage times. Some other topics:…

21. Baseball and hockey take note

May 4, 2021

Baseball and hockey take note, Generation Z loves boxing. In a new survey published on the website Front Office Sports, boxing jumped ahead of baseball in preference among the Generation Z crowd, which encompasses ages 6-24. Meanwhile, hockey fell out of the top 10. What the survey also shows is …

20. Are elites attempting a sports takeover?

April 22, 2021

Something is afoot in the world of sports. Earlier this week, in a 48 to 72 hour period, we learned of a move to form a super soccer league and money bonuses for the top golfers on the PGA Tour. In each instance, the move was not the result of any competitive outcome on the field of play. In thi…

19. And they want to bet?

April 13, 2021

Everywhere you turn, it seems, betting on sporting events is being promoted. Turn on the YES Network before and during every Yankees game, and it is a sure bet you will be reminded of how you can bet on the game. And this is just the beginning. Wait until every state in the USA permits wagering …

18. Ohtani and Spieth

April 6, 2021

Just what baseball and golf needed, to take our minds off the politics that is now infiltrating sports; it was the perfect escape. Rather than sports being a diversion from the real world, especially during our pandemic, these days it seems the real world is seeping into the games people play. Bu…

Ex-GM proposes big trade

March 20, 2021

Jim Bowden is a former major league general manager, who can now be seen on MLB-TV and read in The Athletic. With less than two weeks remaining in spring training, Bowden is proposing a whopper of a trade between the New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies. In this podcast, I analyze the deal an…