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The Shred Head Podcast

The Shred Head Podcast

Oroku Saki (AKA Theeeeeee Shredder) is fresh out the joint and he's ready to tell his story. And complain about the Knicks and all manner of things New York. A Hyphen Podcast Group production.

Recent Episodes

S04 E30 Gauntlets and Coffins: The Shred Head Podcast Awards

Sept. 28, 2022

Well my friends, the time has come. Saki and Krang have decked out the Boom Boom Room of the Technodrome for the 2022 Shred Head Podcast Awards!!! Krangela comes by to bid a fond farewell to some of our best soldiers. Kra…


Sept. 19, 2022

I TOLD YALL NYAGGUHZ I TOLD YALL NYAGGUHZ! Saki hopped on the pod as soon as the clock said 00:00 to celebrate the W National BA title win for the Las Vegas Aces. He crows about being right About the 3-1 result. Then he qui…

S04 E28 Jump in a Casket and Getcha Di On

Sept. 10, 2022

We really get to the shits with this one Styles P once said "Ride or Die nigga hoppin in yo casket bout to go to hell with you, blow the L with you..." and that's essentially what Saki does with the Kween of England. Cretin …

S04 E27 The Promised Land

Sept. 4, 2022

What up Mutant Miscreants! We've missed you! The W National B A playoffs is basically anime. Donovan Mitchell went somewhere else in the Eastern Conference so he could let you down in another state. Soldier Boy vs. Billy But…

S04 E26 The Formidable Woman

Aug. 25, 2022

W National BA is at the top of sh...wait, this just in, KRANG IS THE FEDS (you'll see in a minute) Saki gets into the W National BA 'offs...mostly. But after stumbling through the sports section, he finds his stride and str…

S04 E25 Hi, I'm Danny Glover

Aug. 14, 2022

Saki and Krang are back at it. The W National BA is on the ramp to the Play-offs, so Saki runs off some scores and takes. Danny ?lover comes through to talk about the time he killed one of those trophy hunting aliens. He al…