April 26, 2022

Louis Taylor | The numbers say...

Louis Taylor | The numbers say...

Louis Taylor is the President and Registered Investment Advisor to Taylor Wealth Management, Corp. As a graduate of Western Oregon University, Louis started promptly in the investment business with a small Wall Street based company and for the first six years of his career he thrived there. In 2004 he walked away from that firm and went Independent to pursue his vision of becoming the first minority owned registered investment advisory firm in Oregon. In 2010 he founded Taylor Wealth Management where he helps business owners, corporate executives, celebrities and athletes to transform their income into wealth. His focus is on being a conduit and providing access to the secretes of the investment world. 

Louis has committed his professional life to teaching people how to make their money work for them in way they want it to. He currently serves as a school board director and is a regular speaker for small businesses and fortune 500 company minority employee networks. In his free time he is a man of faith, prioritizes spending time with his family, an avid outdoorsman, golfer and has love for fast cars. 

What we discussed:

  • The biggest key to financial literacy is knowing who you are
  • Fun facts that are not funny but disturbing when it comes to America's financial literacy
  • The trick to getting long term wealth that most people don't know about
  • What the numbers say about the benefits of having a plan in place
  • Understand the benefits of getting cheap capital

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