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Courage and vulnerability

I was so honored to be interviewed on Tripp’s podcast. It was truly a pleasure - I was moved by the way he shared from a place of strength and vulnerability. His passion for podcasting and serving his community was palpable and inspiring. A must listen!

Highly Recommend!

This podcast is an absolute gem that deserves a spot in your regular listening rotation. It’s ability to bring together a multitude of voices and provide a platform for varied perspectives is truly remarkable. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and enlightened with each episode. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this captivating experience!

The Shadows Podcast

Tripp is an excellent podcaster who naturally makes you feel right at home. He asks great questions, including his Rapid Fire ones. He is entertaining and worth the time to listen to. He is here to inspire, motivate and hopefully find your passion in life through his interviews. A must to follow.

Tune in!!

The hottest podcast show on the MF planet! Stop what your are doing and tap in!

Good conversation

Tripp is a wonderful host. Really enjoyed the interview.

Bringing the shadows to light.

Tripp, his podcasts and work take us on meaningful human journeys and bring the depths of human quality and the human experience out from the shadows.

Episode 58: The Chronicles of Kaleth Wright

I thought this podcast was awesome! It really gave me a cool perspective of how Chief Wright “grew up” in the Air Force and how he achieved the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force. Tripp’s questions were awesome as well. They made me really evaluate myself just as much as they were generated for responses from Chief Wright.

Passion, Depth, & Relatability -- a Top Tier Show in Every Respect

The Shadows Podcast combines everything that makes the best podcasts truly special: a generous-spirited, empathetic, and smart host with a totally authentic personality, EXCELLENT guests, and content that is unlike any other show in its depth and honesty. This show has developed a loyal fanbase (including me) by consistently bringing that combination into the room over and over, week after week, and it only gets better as the show proceeds. Follow this show. You will be glad you did.

The tragedy and triumph of Tripp Bodenheimer

Bold and courageous are the 2 words that came to mind when I was listening this podcast. It is not easy to tell a story and re-live the moments that hurt so badly. I know this story will reach people and help them heal. Thank you for being bold and courageous and continuously pouring into others.

Bob Gaylor podcast

He did an excellent job of engaging with Bob Gaylor and asking insightful questions. This podcast in particular was very informative and the message was very powerful. Bob Gaylor does a wonderful job sharing his leadership message and speaking about his past experiences.

Awesome show!

The Shadows is a go to for me! The message behind the name and the diversity of guests on the show are a definite draw in. My favorite episode was special to Tripp as it was celebrating his dad. It was an honor to co-host such a special tribute.

Super Tripp

The Shadows Podcast is one of my favorite podcasts out there. In our business, we often talk about people having “superpowers” and Tripp knows how to use his. He does an excellent job of bringing people together through telling their stories and inspiring his audience. Tripp knows how impactful Jimmy V has been on my life, so he made sure my voice was heard during his prep for the episode with Jamie Valvano and was able to connect me with Jamie after. Tripp does stuff like that with each episode he makes and it’s why his audience feels so connected.

Ten out of Ten

Love this podcast. My favorite episode was with Gary K. Wolf, growing up watching ‘Who Framed Rogar Rabbit’ was such a big part of my childhood.

New Follower, Great Podcast

I stumbled across this podcast on Spotify a few weeks ago and am hooked. The most recent episode I watched featured Demetrius Booth, which taught me a lot about empowerment and CHESS. Charge!

Episode 58: The chronicles of Kaleth Wright

CMSgt Wright was a great CMSAF and I really enjoyed his story about his upbringing and his story as to why he joined the Air Force. I know a lot of young Airmen that have a similar backstory to his and he is a great example of the struggles you can have and how to over come them. Thanks for sharing your story Chief!

AWEsome Podcast!!

The Shadow's Podcast is a great listen! Tripp really puts thought and time in brining on his guest so that they can tell their story. My personal favorite is the Tragedy & Triumph of Tripp Bodenheimer. This episode pulls at your heart strings as Tripp recounts some difficult times during his youth. The loss of a parent is tough but Tripp also dealt with the loss of his sister who he was exceptionally close with. Through all these trails and tribulations, he overcame them! I’m thankful for his friendship and that he shared this story from his lens.

Childhood Memories!

OMG I loved episode 100 with the Chiodo Brothers! I grew up watching their films and being a huge fan of their work. Having a chance to listen to why and how they came up with so many of their ideas was like listening to a behind-the-scenes documentary of their life work. I love this podcast because it has something for everyone!


You really are able to get something out of every episode. I have to say my favorite episode that still stands out to me is Episode 5 with John Levitow Jr. He brought on a perspective that I never really considered. He talked about the darkness that the Medal of Honor brought his dad and what the real road to success was that followed decades later. I never considered how heavy such a prestigious award could be and I really appreciated John Jr's transparency!

5 star podcast!

I learned a lot about Chief Wright outside of his CMSgt of AF role. That and he's had some cool guest, and also an old school wrestling fan.

Episode 105 Holly Frances

Only listening and not watching visual it was powerful. I myself have became a tri athlete to deal with a lot of mental trauma in my life. The resilience was so relatable, gearing up to complete my first full ironman in April and this episode specifically has helped keep my spark. Keep up the good work!

Great content

Professional, informative and always fun. Shout out to Scott Mason! Great episode! Love his energy and story!

Dylan Roberts

Beautiful story which will resonate with many. Loved the rapid fire questions, gentle retelling of the poignant events which shaped Dylan, and how his story can impact many others. Well done Tripp in guiding this meaningful dialogue and echoing a message that it is okay to seek help. We are all in this together. Thank you Dylan for sharing your heart with us.

Hooked on Shadows!

Amazing podcast series! I love the diversity of guests that get interviewed throughtout the series. Especially being active duty military there is a lot information I can definitely use in my personal and professional life, in and out of the military. My favorite episode would have to be #77 Amanda Barrientez. I loved this episode. Dr. Barrientez should vulnerability and relatablility personally to me, which is why I liked this episode so much. Altogether, this is an amazing podcast with a great host, Tripp Bodenheimer! Can't wait for more episodes to come!

Episode 16 Review

Bodhi does an amazing job letting Cory's story about his dad’s heroic acts be heard and told to the public about an amazing individual and his heroic sacrifices and how it was covered by secrecy for so long!

Episode 93 Tim Worley

This was hands down one of my favorite podcast. Tim Worley is a former player of my favorite NFL team - Pittsburgh Steelers. During this episode Tim Worley discussed his highs and lows and how he bounced back in life and I believe there are so many lessons that listeners can take away and apply it to their life.


Ride from the Shadows, S1E1 is my favorite! It's very relatable because I grew up in less diverse community. Growing up and having to deal with expectations from the Chinese culture and family values made me to believe I will always be an outsider and never good enough but one thing in that podcast that resonated with me was what Nina said about embracing mindset of not caring who you will upset but paving your own journey for yourself because we're living life for ourselves not others. I have realized this since I joined the military and this episode reminded me to continue to live my own life the way I want to live it and not worry about meeting expectations set forth by family and society.

Best Podcast

100% best podcast I’ve listened to and keep up with. Tripp is the best!! Keep doing your thing my guy!!

Best podcast I heard in a LONG time!!

The Shadows Podcast is by far my favorite go-to podcast on Leadership insight and inspirational mentorship. I value the topics discussed and often find myself telling a lot of the parables to others that I mentor at my job. My favorite episode of all hands down is the interview with Gary K. Wolf (Episode #7). I laughed so much during that episode! It was great! In fact…I’m probably going to go and delisted right now. I highly recommend it! Head over there now!

Best podcast for humility and growth

I love the variety of guests with such diverse backgrounds. Listen every morning on my way to work and it is a total game changer for the day and reminder as to why resiliency is so vital for a healthy and successful life. The episode that I suggest everyone listen to is Noble Gibbens, the EQ Gangster! He really introduced the humor portion into humility.

The epitome of relatable!!!

It's such a wonderful podcast, and it was THE FIRST podcast I ever listened to on a regular basis. When i tuned in, there were already a lot of episodes, so I pivoted to the beginning so I could hear how it all started. My favorite was episode 9 with Caleb Pearson. The candid nerd references (Harry Potter FAN!) to the discussion on racial issues growing up, was worth the listen. Coming from a mixed race home and seeing different treatment and actions, hearing someone else's story helps to validate experiences along with she's light on topics worth discussing.