Episode 87: The Chronicles of Charlie Bodenheimer

Episode 87: The Chronicles of Charlie Bodenheimer

Today the Shadows Podcast celebrates what would have been the 71st birthday of Charlie Bodenheimer. He was the father of Tripp Bodenheimer, host of the Shadows Podcast. Charlie passed away on 9 June 1993 from a sudden heart attack, but his legacy still lives to this day, and his parenting and leadership are very instrumental in the success of this podcast.

During this episode, Cameron Chilcote takes over the hosting position and interviews Charlie’s son, Tripp. We talk about Charlie’s upbringing in Red Springs, North Carolina, and how the sudden loss of his mother due to a cerebral brain hemorrhage impacted him in his early childhood and throughout his life. We also cover his time at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, why he joined the Navy during the height of the Vietnam protest, being one of the first graduating classes from Campbell Law School, and his career as a defense attorney.

Also, we cover Charlie’s biggest successes in life: being a husband and father.

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