Navigating Shadows: Jay Ly's Near-Death Awakening and the Golden Compass of Finances | The Shadows Podcast

Embark on a riveting journey in this episode of the Shadows Podcast, featuring Jay Ly—trainer, speaker, coach, military veteran, and President of Golden Compass. Listen as Jay opens up about the challenges he faced growing up and his pivotal decision to join the United States Navy in 2008.

Explore the twists in Jay's military career, from rigorous SEALs training to a role in Explosive Ordinance Disposal, and discover the life-altering event that led to his separation after thirteen years of service. Jay shares a gripping account of a critical moment in Afghanistan that propelled him toward a new path as a personal finance coach.

Uncover the motivation behind Golden Compass and gain insights into Jay's journey as the host of the Live Free Series Podcast. Join us on the Shadows Podcast for a compelling exploration of resilience, personal growth, and the transformative power found within the shadows of life.

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