From Small Town Dreams to Final Four Glory: Jackie Stiles' Rebound | The Shadows Podcast

The Shadows Podcast launches its second year of the Rebound series with a legend on the court, Jackie Stiles. Celebrated as one of the greatest players in college basketball history, Jackie made history by becoming the all-time leading scorer for women’s college basketball, guiding Southwest Missouri State to the 2001 Final Four. An All-American in college, drafted 4th overall in the 2001 WNBA Draft, and crowned the WNBA Rookie of the Year, Jackie's journey is a testament to resilience and triumph.

In this episode, Jackie shares the roots of her success, rooted in the small town of Claflin, Kansas. Hear about the pivotal injury in high school that could have derailed her dreams but instead fueled a mindset shift, propelling her to be recruited by powerhouse programs, including Connecticut. Discover why she ultimately chose Southwest Missouri State and relive her college career, marked by record-setting performances and the euphoria of cutting down nets at the Final Four.

Beyond the triumphs, Jackie candidly discusses the obstacles she faced, from career-shortening injuries to a personal battle with ocular melanoma. Gain insights into her perspective on fitness and her mission to serve others through NexGen Fitness. Jackie opens up about self-discovery during the pandemic and the lessons learned during challenging times.

Don't miss this compelling episode that unravels the layers of Jackie Stiles' extraordinary journey, from the courts of college basketball to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and beyond.

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