Episode 59: The Chronicles of Jaime Andrews

Episode 59: The Chronicles of Jaime Andrews

The Chronicles of Jaime Andrews is now available! Jaime is an award-winning actress, producer, business director, and playwright. She’s also appeared in many commercials, movies, and television shows to include TruTV’s World’s Dumbest.

She’s very transparent in this episode as she covers her upbringing in Long Island, her relationship with her father, bullying, anxiety, getting in with the wrong influences in high school, and how her older sister Jen and theatre are ultimately what helped her get back on track. She, unfortunately, lost her sister at the age of 30, but Jaime talks about how she still keeps her name and legacy alive with any and everything she does.

Jaime moved from New York to Los Angeles and eventually settled down in Atlanta. These moves didn’t come without some roadblocks along the way. Still, they also provided some incredible opportunities such as meeting her husband, working with Penn & Teller, filming for World’s Dumbest, her time at the Sacred Fools Theatre Company, her play Cookie and the Monster. She remembers the star of her upcoming film, Myshkin.

Jaime also talks about the upcoming controversial movie that she wrote, Division. You can find out any and everything Division at http://www.themoviedivision.com/.

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