Episode 57: The Chronicles of Noble Gibbens

Episode 57: The Chronicles of Noble Gibbens

The EQ Gangster, Noble Gibbens is back! This time he’s joining us on the Shadows Podcast! If you’re looking to get on an emotional fitness program, this episode is for you!

Noble opens up about his upbringings and his emotional growth journey that stems all the way back to constantly arguing with his family. He also talks about bottling his emotions while attending West Point and how an argument with his wife was the wake up call he needed.

Noble is candid about being stuck in the Hell Phase (depression and suicidal thoughts). He also shares coping mechanisms and why the willingness to get help is so important to help you escape it.

Noble also talks his work with veterans, the importance of an emotional fitness program, any and everything Emotional Intelligence, and how he became the EQ Gangster.

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