Episode 48: The Chronicles of Nancy John

Episode 48: The Chronicles of Nancy John

Nancy John is the co-founder and CEO of Seed Leadership, a Leadership Coach to Introverted Leaders, a Leadership Facilitator and Strategy Consultant, and Public Speaker.

Nancy shares her incredible journey that helped shape her into who she is today from being born in India, attending grade school in Saudi Arabia, and finally settling down in Canada. She discusses how these experiences helped her embrace cultural diversity and it strengthened her ability to adapt

How did she get started with her podcast, the Relational Introvert? What are the biggest misconceptions of introverts? Check out episodes of Relational Introverts at anchor.fm/relational-introvert

Nancy also discusses her business Seed Leadership and how they help you discover the leader you’re intended to be. You can find out more about Seed Leadership at www.seedleadershipdevelopment.com

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