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Oct. 25, 2022

Trish Carruth: Your Personal Jeweler

Trish Carruth: Your Personal Jeweler

Today we again turn the microphone on one of our co-hosts, Trish Carruth from Your Personal Jeweler.  

Trish frequently mentions that she's a third generation jeweler, but her path to this field may surprise you.  She specializes in custom engagement rings and wedding bands, combining her love of jewelry with the latent wedding planner in her.

She explains her design process to us, and how she uses Computer Aided Design, or CAD, to generate an image of her custom creations for clients.  She then has two 3D printers to create a wax mold and make sure it's just right before creating the actual piece.

Jon and Lisa ask her about the biggest myths and truths in custom jewelry design, including the misconception that it's too expensive for most customers.  Trish also works with family heirlooms to create more modern, custom designs.

As Your Personal Jeweler, Trish has also added proposal packages to her offerings, because, let's face it.  Guys need all the help they can get.   Jon and Trish both share their unconventional proposal stories.

Finally we talk about what's next for our podcast co-host, which includes getting into wholesaling, and her new space in Royal Oak, opening in December.

To find our guests:

Trish Carruth from The Personal Jeweler - https://www.thepersonaljeweler.com/

Jon Gay from JAG in Detroit Podcasts - http://www.jagindetroit.com/

Lisa Bibbee from Keller Williams - http://soldbylisab.com/