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March 3, 2022

Todd Fenton, Deputy City Manager of Royal Oak

Todd Fenton, Deputy City Manager of Royal Oak
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The Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce has a great relationship with the city itself, and a big part of that is Todd Fenton, Deputy City Manager of Royal Oak.  Todd is our guest today.

We start by exploring looking at the ways the Chamber and the City really help each other serve the residents and businesses of our community.  Todd sees the Chamber as a huge asset.  Next, we start talking about the city itself.

Todd explains what his role is on the Planning Commission, and how they aim to bring businesses to Royal Oak as well as serve the ones that are here.  Community outreach is a big part of this.

What's happening with the old Hermann's bakery?  The answer will appeal to your sweet tooth!

Downtown Royal Oak used to be thought of as a 5pm-2am area, known primarily for its nightlife.  But since the pandemic, that's changing.  More businesses and restaurants are coming downtown, making it a busy area between 9am and 5pm as well.  And there are more bars and restaurants.  Todd jokes that Royal Oak has gone from a "$5 a pitcher town" to a "$5 a pint town."

But the downtown area isn't the only area expanding in Royal Oak - the Woodward Corridor is seeing growth as well - including the Woodward Corners area set up by Beaumont.

We also ask Todd about the $28 million that Royal Oak is receiving from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act - and how that money can be allocated.

And of course, we cover the hot topic in town - marijuana licenses.

Finally, we ask Todd a little bit about himself.  You might be surprised to hear what line of work he was in immediately after he graduated from the University of Michigan!

Additional Resources:

City of Royal Oak Website: https://romi.gov/

American Rescue Plan Act for Royal Oak: www.romi.gov/arpa

Todd's email:  ToddF@romi.gov

Jon Gay from JAG in Detroit Podcasts - http://www.jagindetroit.com/

Trish Carruth from The Personal Jeweler - https://www.thepersonaljeweler.com/

Lisa Bibbee from Keller Williams - http://soldbylisab.com/

Andrea Arndt of Dickinson Wright - https://www.dickinson-wright.com/

And if you'd like to know more about the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce, or join, find them here:  https://www.royaloakchamber.com/