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June 16, 2022

Royal Oak Leprechauns' Mark Sackett

Royal Oak Leprechauns' Mark Sackett

The Royal Oak Leprechauns are back!  Today, Jon, Lisa, and Andrea are joined by their GM, Mark Sackett, to talk all things Leprechauns baseball.

Mark tells us about joining the Great Lakes Collegiate League and moving the team from Adrian, Michigan, to Royal Oak - as wwell as the tremendous support they've received.  That's come not just from community leaders and citizens, but one of his former players - current New York Yankee DJ LeMahieu.

The field, at the "Lucky Corner" of 13 Mile and Woodward, has undergone some drastic improvements, from the turf field, to the scoreboard, fan decks, and more.

Not only will you see quality baseball for a low price, but also the team is focused on the fan experience.  This includes theme nights from Princess Nights to Star Wars.   And the Leprechauns are partnering with their neighbors in Royal Oak, from Smoothie King to Taylored Events to Tania's Pizza.  And there's even a kids club to join.

With $5 and $7 tickets, cheap pop,  beer, and hot dogs, you won't get a better bang for your baseball buck in town.


Royal Oak Leprechauns Website: https://www.royaloakleprechauns.com/

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