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June 10, 2021

Mike Twydell - TwyFit Personal Fitness

Mike Twydell - TwyFit Personal Fitness

As we hit the middle of June, Mike Twydell of TwyFit Personal Fitness is our guest today on the ROCC Pod.

Mike's got a fascinating story, going from an out-of-shape smoker in college to participating in professional bodybuilding competitions.  He tells us how he made that change, and how he eventually found his calling in the field of personal training.

Mike knows that personal training is not something that many folks can afford, so he started his Girls That Curl program - where small groups split the cost of training sessions. 

Mike and his team work with all kinds of athletes - from football players to even skateboarders - and we delve into some of the individualized attention and needs different people have.  We also cover the myth that you can lose weight with exercise alone.  Diet is so important.

TwyFit also works with students of all ages, offering many summer programs.

For more information:

Twyfit Website:

TwyFit Phone Number: 248-291-5096


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