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Jan. 12, 2023

Michael Gordon of MGA Architects

Michael Gordon of MGA Architects

Michael Gordon has the job he's wanted since he was 2 years old -architect.  Today we learn about his experience at MGA Architects and with the Royal Oak Chamber.

He started his own firm over 30 years ago, almost by accident.  His prior boss asked him to design a home, and soon he had carved out a niche for himself.   Now he does everything from high-end residential to multi-family homes, but also working in commercial, new hospitality, and retail.

Michael and his firm try to stay nimble. with all the ebbs and flows of the housing market, he's able to pivot between focusing on different tiers of residential, depending what the market dictates.

We spend some time covering what's trending into 2023.  It seems the pandemic has really changed the want for open floor plans, and people are wanting their own dedicated spaces.  And on the residential side, they often want a covered outdoor area for entertaining.  Michael also talks about his firm specifically, and how they've weathered the Covid storm.  In architecture, some work can be done remotely, but certainly not all of it.

"Do what you do best, and write a check for the rest."  Michael talks about his ideal clients, and them letting him do what he does well.   But it's important to know that hiring an architect isn't as daunting as you may think.   He tells clients to list everything they want - there may be less expensive ways to build your dream home or business.

Green design is certainly a big thing right now. Michael talks about how he sources materials.  And while everyone is quick to mention "Made in the USA," sometimes something shipped from overseas may have a lower carbon footprint than something driven here from California!  Also, be flexible - supply chain issues are still very real.

We talk about what Michael has given the chamber, in terms of his time on the Board of Directors and as President. But he's gotten even more out of the Chamber in terms of business, referrals, and relationships.

Finally, today's guest leaves us with a great piece of advice. If you ask the wrong question, you're going to get the wrong answer. He illustrates that point with a story.

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Phone: 248-549-4500

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