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June 2, 2022

Laura Rizzo of Luv All Coaching

Laura Rizzo of Luv All Coaching

Laura Rizzo, a former teacher and tennis coach, is now the owner of Luv All Coaching, where she offers professional coaching to everyone from divorcees to corporations.

You may see many people call themselves a "coach," but Laura spent the time and effort to get the professional certifications in the field.  She explains what went into that.

She's also drawn on her experience of going through two divorces to coach divorcees as they go through that very difficult process. 

Research is constantly evolving about our brains and how they can physiologically affect our bodies - we talk a little bit about brain health, left brain vs right brain, and what that can mean for us in our every day lives in terms of how we react to stressful situations.   She even shares with us an exercise she uses with clients.   Just don't do it while you're driving!

Laura talks about her different workshops, everything from her saboteur workshop to her upcoming "Grow Your Inner Jedi" workshop.

To contact Laura, find her at https://www.luvallcoaching.com/

Call her at (248) 808-0512.  Or send her an email - laura@luvallcoaching.com.


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