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Nov. 8, 2022

Jeff Kong of Tri-Covery

Jeff Kong of Tri-Covery

Today we welcome Jeff Kong of Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility.   They started in Novi but have recently expanded to Royal Oak, offering a number of services and therapies.

Tri-Covery expanded right at the beginning of COVID, and after the initial shut down, Jeff talks about working through the pandemic.  What they do isn't about luxury and massage, they are about recovery.  When the mind wants to do something and the body can't, that's when they get to work. Tri-Covery represents three methods of recovery: massage, flexibility, and exercise.  Jeff breaks each of these areas down.

We specifically dive in to cupping, IASTM, and percussive therapy, among other specific modalities Jeff and his team offer.  Like our hosts, Jeff loves food, and he's got some great food analogies to describe the body and how these therapies work.  Also, what is a Stick Therapy class? Find out here.

We also discuss Jeff's membership plans and a la carte services, and the different options to meet your needs.  He's also honest with us - he explains how if a client isn't the right fit for Tri-Covery, he's happy to refer them out.

Finally, we ask Jeff our "fishbowl question of the day," and his answer might surprise you!

Learn more about Tri-Covery on their website: https://tri-covery.com/

Or give them a call at (248) 773-8242. 

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