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April 21, 2022

JD Lindeberg of RRS and Nextcycle Michigan

JD Lindeberg of RRS and Nextcycle Michigan

JD Lindeberg is an expert on recycling and the circular economy.   He's been involved with these ideas since the late 1980's through both Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) and NextCycle Michigan.  

JD explains the circular economy concept and how it's going to affect Michigan going forward.  In fact, the area could come within 5-10% of the economic contribution that tourism brings to our state!

Recently, JD was part of the innovation challenge, hosted by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.  In it, entrepreneurs pitched their ideas for contributions to the circular economy.   JD tells us about two of their winners, Wormies and NexTiles.

Finally, we ask JD about his personal life, and probably, our strangest "fishbowl question of the day" yet!


JD's email: JDL@recycle.com

Resource Recycling Systems Website: https://recycle.com/

NextCycle Michigan Website: https://www.nextcyclemichigan.com/

NexTiles Website: https://www.nextiles.org/

Wormies Website: https://www.thewormies.com/

Lawrence Tech's Centrepolis Accelerator: https://www.centrepolisaccelerator.com/

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