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March 23, 2023

Estate Attorney and Trombone Player Howard Collens

Estate Attorney and Trombone Player Howard Collens
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Today's guest is Howard Collens from Galloway and Collens.  The firm celebrates 20 years in business this year, and Howard starts the conversation by demystifying estate planning.   We talk about the differences between wills and trusts, and who needs which.   We also talk about why people want to avoid probate for their estates upon their death.


But future planning is about more than just your death.  What if you were to become incapacitated? We cover medical and financial powers of attorney, and how planning can be your best defense against life's unpredictabilties.


The world is changing - what about your digital assets?  Howard worked in to get a law passed in Lansing that deals with your digital assets upon your passing.  This is something else to plan for, and Howard explains what you need to do.


The Royal Oak Chamber has been instrumental in growing Galloway and Collens - we learn how.


Here's something you may not know about Howard - he plays trombone in a Klezmer band.  You won't want to miss the exchange where he explains to Jon and Lisa what that is. And yes, they've played Arts, Beats, and Eats.


To find reach out to Howard Collens, his partner Scott Galloway, and their team, find them online at https://www.gallowaycollens.com/ 

Or give them a call at 248-545-2500.  Or stop into their office. They have good snacks.


And here's a link to Klezundheit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Klezundheit/


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