Dec. 6, 2022

Dan Fischer of Citizens State Bank

Dan Fischer of Citizens State Bank

Today, Lisa and Jon are joined by Dan Fischer, the President and CEO of Citizens State Bank on Woodward Avenue.  Dan came to the bank in September of 2020 after an illustrious career with financial institutions of all different sizes.  However, he now prefers to be at a smaller bank, where he can build relationships with small business owners and other members of the Greater Royal Oak Community.   Their business comes from referrals, and they want to get to know their customers and their businesses.

If you come in for a loan, Dan doesn't like bureaucracy.  Usually you can get a "yes" or a "no" pretty quickly.  But being a smaller institution, they have more tools available to get to "yes."    They often can come up with a customized plan for an individual situation, as Dan explains.  We also talk about the current financial climate, and how its uniqueness can affect the bank's business.

Our podcast today isn't all about dollars and cents, however.  We get to know Dan personally.  He tells us about his blended family that would give the Brady Bunch a run for their money, being a "dual citizen" of Michigan and Ohio, and what he does in his off-time.   And we close with two topics many of our listeners will gravitate to - golf and dogs.

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