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Feb. 9, 2023

Anton Babushkin of Start My Wellness

Anton Babushkin of Start My Wellness
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Fortunately, the world of mental health care is becoming less taboo.  However, its till remains extremely difficult to navigate in our current health care system.  Our guest today is Anton Babushkin, founder and CEO of Start My Wellness, a company designed to help simplify the mental health care process.

Start My Wellness offers resources for clients, no matter where they are in their mental health journey.  Some may know what kind of service they need - others may be starting from the very beginning and still figuring it out.

On the provider side, Start My Wellness helps service providers navigate their side of their health care system, and connect them with potential clients and patients.

Anton shares how his life experience led him to getting into this field as a therapist himself, and how he started the company.  He was originally in Troy, but moved to Ferndale last year, and has really enjoyed his new home, as well as getting to know the folks in the Royal Oak Chamber.

During COVID,  he traded salsa dancing for tennis, which is where you'll often find him when he's not working.


Start My Wellness Phone Number: 248 514 4955

Start My Wellness Website: https://startmywellness.com/

Start My Wellness YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/@startmywellness3155

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