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July 8, 2021

Angela Buccellato - The Resume Rescue

Angela Buccellato - The Resume Rescue

With so much change and upheaval in the workforce since the start of the pandemic, we needed to turn to an expert.  Today we welcome Angela Buccellato of the Resume Rescue to cover all aspects of job seeking!

Angela says when you're job hunting, to avoid the "spray and pray" approach.  And she explains how to be more targeted with your search.   Part of this is networking - LinkedIn, alumni networks, you name it.

We then had to ask her a follow up question -  namely, when do you follow up after a job interview?   

There's a debate on direct hires versus using recruiters, so we wanted Angela's thoughts on that.

By now, we should all know that social media posts can sink your job prospects, but you'd be surprised who is still learning that!

What exactly has the pandemic done to the workforce, and what will it look like going forward?  Angela's answers may surprise you.

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