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Enda is a pianist and has been playing since she was a young child. She plays music for the love of Classical music and her own personal mental health. We discuss how music helped her through tough times, we talk about her experiences with tiktok live and how she loves to be the Diva! :) We also discuss the impact of technology and its repercussions both good and bad. You can easily find Enda by going to http://trps.us/forum and entering the keyword Enda. Also on this episode I started yet another alternating segment. I call this one "Listener Focus". Listener focus is where I ask you a question and you answer it either in a video reply on tiktok (be sure and tag me @therealpaulshow) or insta audio dm me. You may also leave me a message at 1-561-32-1761 with your answer. If you want to just call up to say hi, leave a comment, or a question... that's ok too. On a side note if you are curious about the "Entertainer / The Shape of You" mashup that Enda was reffering to the link is https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML9WBAWF/ and last but not least. I had an accedent in my apartment almost two months ago now. The damage cost me $4,000 I do not have but am paying back very slowly. If you want to donate to the cause That would be appreciated. I have a link for that fund raiser at https://www.liinks.co/therealpaulshow .  Thank you in advance and I hope to see you next week when I interview Grizzy, another Vancouver based Musician.

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