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The Pivot Point Podcast

The Pivot Point Podcast

With businesses in every sector facing change, three leading consultants have combined to create a new, broad-based offering for adaptation, refocusing and restructuring. Writer and director Mark Heywood (inkjockey), behavioural scientist Christian Hunt (Human Risk) and strategic adviser and writer Eliot Wilson have founded Pivot Point, a multi-disciplinary practice to help companies deal with change, manage risk, plan and embed their culture and strategy, and co-ordinate their communications and image.<br /><br />This podcast explores the inevitability of change, how we can frame it on our own terms and how we can own our Pivot Point.

Recent Episodes

Ky Nichol on pivoting in the tech sector

July 15, 2021

In this episode, Mark's guest Ky Nichol, CEO of Cutover reflects on an extraordinary year for his firm and the tech sector in general.

Hannah Elliott on Pivoting in the Motor Industry

June 23, 2021

The last 100 years have been the century of the motor car. In this episode, Eliot Wilson talks to Hannah Elliott, Bloomberg's motoring correspondent, about the way we use automobiles, how the industry is adapting to economic…

Tom Fletcher on Pivoting to Digital Diplomacy

June 10, 2021

Digital technology has transformed the way countries interact with each other at a state-to-state level. In this episode, Eliot Wilson talks to former diplomat Tom Fletcher, author of The Naked Diplomat, about his time as am…

Stephen Kelly on building high-performing technology businesses

May 24, 2021

Every country wants to be a leader in the tech world. In this episode, Eliot Wilson talks to Stephen Kelly, chair of Tech Nation, the UK’s leading growth platform for tech companies and entrepreneur, about how he picks winne…

Michael Grade on Pivoting in Television

May 13, 2021

Television has been in the ascendant for some years and the pandemic has strengthened its hold on the public imagination. In this episode, Eliot Wilson talks to legendary TV executive Lord Grade of Yarmouth about his time at…

Dr Sean McFate on Pivoting in International Institutions

May 2, 2021

The withdrawal of the US from Iraq and Afghanistan after costly but unsuccessful deployments has challenged the ability of the international community, through the United Nations and other organisations, to effect lasting ge…