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Pilates, Loaded Flexion, & Osteoporosis

If you teach Pilates, chances are you didn't learn too much about osteoporosis in your training, and may not even know that there is a difference between loaded and unloaded flexion.

Loaded flexion is contra-indicated for low bone density, but unloaded flexion allows your clients to enjoy that feeling without the risk of a spinal crush fracture.

Today I give a quick introduction that you can act on right away!

If you'd enjoy a deep dive into Teaching Pilates for Osteoporosis and Chronic Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain, register now for my 12-week Pilates Teacher Mastermind® workshop.

You will not only know the exact protocols for teaching clients in chronic pain and with osteoporosis, but you’ll understand why and how to use them. You will gain knowledge and confidence that will enable you to help more people and build a bigger Pilates business.

Link in bio or https://pilatesteachermastermind.com

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