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Microdosing for Transformation

Microdosing psychedelics for improved mental health and performance has been in the news a lot lately!
My guest Alison Crothswait knows all about it, and I can't wait to pick her brain about how guided microdosing can help us shift and change.
After 15 years as a trader and researcher in capital markets, Alison spent almost a decade as a psychotherapist in private practice.
Her own healing journey called her beyond psychotherapy and in 2020 she stepped away from her practice to become a guide. Now she holds space for full-being transformation. She is an advocate for psychedelic healing facilitated with preparation, integration and integrity.
As she says, "You can feel rich, juicy, and energized every day."
Join us at 5:15pm ET on YouTube, LinkedIn, and FB. We'll be on IG Live at 5:45pm.
More about Alison - https://www.alisoncrosthwait.com/

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