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Oct. 24, 2023

103. Pilates Mat - Rolling Like A Ball

Rolling like a ball is our first experience in full spine flexion, head to tail. It's a fun one for flexion-tolerant healthy spines, and there are many ways to modify it and even make it harder! Rolling prepares us for …

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Oct. 19, 2023

102. Pilates Mat - The Single Leg Circle

Oh, The Single Leg Circle, you're so simple yet so hard. This exercise works on pelvic stability, quad and hip flexor strength, and shoulder stability. In the more advanced versions, it actually works on pelvic mobility as we...

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Oct. 17, 2023

101. Pilates Mat - The Roll Over

Today we're deep diving into The Roll Over - spine articulation in sagital plane with flexion starting from the bottom of the spine. The Roll Over is an advanced exercise - very challenging and very useful for . In the …

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Oct. 12, 2023

100. Pilates Mat - The Roll Up

Today let's deep dive into The Roll Up - spine articulation in sagital plane with flexion starting from the top of the spine. The Roll Up is certainly challenging and very useful for teaching body and spine mechanics. In the …

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Oct. 10, 2023

99. Pilates Mat - The Hundred

Today I'm starting a series of episodes where I break down each Pilates mat exercise, discussing where else they can be done in the studio, any modifications and variations, and why. The Hundred is the first mat exercise, and...

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Oct. 5, 2023

98. Let's Talk Pilates Equipment

If you do Pilates and use the equipment, you may have questions. What is the actual Pilates equipment that Joe created? Are all Pilates brands the same? What are the differences? Are balls, bands, and rollers really Pilates e...

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Oct. 3, 2023

97. Deepening Your Relationship to Pilates

What's your relationship to your body and to Pilates? Is Pilates just another way to exercise, or is it something deeper? Finally, what would it look like to experience Pilates without judgement? Find me: Website - https://ly...

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Sept. 19, 2023

96. Pilates Certification - Set Yourself Up for Success

There's a lot to think about BEFORE you start a Pilates teacher training program. You want to have training that will set you up for success. In this episode I dive into all the things you need to consider before …

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Sept. 12, 2023

95. Do Pilates Influencers Know Pilates?

If you.ve ever wondered about Pilates internet trends and Pilates influencers, this episode is for you. I dive into which Pilates trends are just not Pilates, and how to vet any influencers, so you're always getting the best ...

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Sept. 7, 2023

94. Marketing Your Pilates Services

Whether you are a new or highly experienced Pilates teacher, you may struggle with marketing your Pilates services. In this episode I take you through the old school marketing that still works, as well as how to use the web …

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Sept. 5, 2023

93. What Makes Pilates, Pilates?

There is so much out there that calls itself Pilates - Wall Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Megaformer Pilates, Cardio Pilates.... What makes actual Pilates, Pilates? Listen as I deep dive into the Pilates system of exercise and h...

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Aug. 31, 2023

92. Rags to Riches with Karen Pudetti

I'm so thrilled to share this interview with powerhouse spa owner, Karen Pudetti. So many Pilates teachers are struggling to position and scale their businesses in the face of rapidly growing franchises and a glut of new stud...

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Aug. 29, 2023

91. Programming Pilates Classes

Hello everyone! I'm back for season 2 with a discussion about Programming Pilates Classes. For new Pilates teachers, you'll leave this episode with a framework to program any class easily and in the moment. For experienced t...

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June 1, 2023

90. You're Never Too Old for Pilates

It's the last episode of Season 1! A listener recently asked if 60 is too old to start Pilates teacher training. This episode is my answer to anyone who wants to start doing or teaching Pilates at any age. Osteoporosis-friend...

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May 30, 2023

89. Updates & New Pilates Programs

Season 1 is almost over! This Thursday June 1, 2023 will be my 90th episode, and the last of this season. Today I have a few updates, including my new hours at Bombshell Pilates, new online programs for new Pilates …

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May 25, 2023

88. Supporting Women Athletes with Jamie Mittelman

It amazes me that women athletes are still underpaid, under supported, and under appreciated, even Olympians and Paralympians. Today I talk to Flame Bearers founder Jamie Mittelman, who is on a mission to make sure that peop...

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May 23, 2023

87. Meniscus Repair Surgery

I recently had meniscus repair surgery with Dr. Kasi Komperda at Mount Sinai Union Square. 3.5 weeks later, I'm walking without pain, able to kneel on all fours, and take stairs. Listen as I break down for you what my …

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May 18, 2023

86. Legal Essentials for Pilates Pros with Cory Sterling

Whether you teach Pilates at home, online, in your own studio, or as an independent contractor, you and your business need legal protection. Attorney Cory Sterling joins me today for a super fun discussion about what you need...

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May 16, 2023

85. Why We Do Pilates

Pilates is a full body exercise method, and I do it to feel and function at my best. While Pilates is being sold as a weight loss and toning method, I believe Pilates is best viewed as cross-training for life. …

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May 11, 2023

84. What Is the Pilates Apparatus?

If you're considering buying Pilates apparatus for your home, or for a new Pilates studio, you may have some questions. Is there just the reformer? Are all brands the same? What are my options? In this episode I explain what …

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May 9, 2023

83. Rocking the Pilates Boat

I spent much of my life as an activist - rocking the boat in multiple areas. I marched for women's rights, civil rights, for divestment from apartheid South Africa, and for union representation of teaching assistants, to name...

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May 4, 2023

82. Fix Your Chronic Pain with Rick Olderman

Today's interview with Physical Therapist Rick Olderman is full of actionable tips and information for you, whether you live with chronic pain, work with clients in chronic pain, or both. We discuss the typical approaches to ...

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May 2, 2023

81. Some Quick Examples of Niching

I had my knee surgery last week, so today is a super short episode about Niching in your Pilates business. It's so important for Pilates teachers to really niche down into a target market. It helps you connect with your …

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April 27, 2023

80. Sales Without Sleaze with Sarah Walton

If you feel sleazy about selling your Pilates services, especially on social media, this episode is for you! Today I'm talking all things Sales and Marketing with the funny and talented Sarah Walton. Let's overcome your fear ...

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