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Ren is great, radio Jonny not so much

The show is excellent because of Ren. He has a good on-air personality. The new radio Jonny they brought in is close to unlistenable. He has such bad instincts from his years in that business. Scared to talk about ANY controversy, constantly saying clichés, and has a big annoying radio voice. My man, this is not how an ordinary person talks. Just talk like two guys just hanging out, and the show will be 10x better.

Long intro song

Love the new podcast and the intro song but maybe you could shorten it by a few minutes? We want to listen to you guys not the intro song.

Constructive Criticism; show bad now

The charm of the show when Brent was on, was the chemistry built up organically over time between the two host. They complimented each other. This new guy, Steve; I’m sure he a great guy and a wonderful producer, but he’s not a great host. Or, at least, not a great fit for the show as we know it. To a lesser extent, he’s the FNG, but seems to dominate the conversation and is robotic in his ad reads. A regular Scott smith. No thanks. Please audition other hosts and prioritize fun, not professionalism.

Best long form Bucs podcast out there

I think this podcast is criminally underrated and I really appreciate the honesty that Ren does somewhat as a fan/analyst and also the energy Brent brings as a true diehard Bucs fan/Host. I listen to all of the other major Bucs podcasts out there but whenever they release a pewter cast episode I’m always pumped up. Keep up the great work guys, the show has developed so much over the years and I’m excited to see where you can take it moving forward. Also the instant reaction podcasts after the games are awesome, especially after the dubs. Writing a review is the least I could do for how much I have enjoyed your content over the years.

Love the Podcast

I’m fairly new to the Bucs podcast world. I’ve done a fair share of shopping around and this one consistently keeps me coming back and looking forward to the next Pod. I’m intrigued with the live broadcast they do so I’ll be getting on that action soon. Love the chemistry and dedication to putting out good content. Keep it up!

Great Podcast

Love the Bucs and all the podcasts, this one just seems to hit home. Love Ren and Brent. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll call in one day.


A terrific deep dive into the post game,a deeper look into the game midweek,and a potpourri of news at the end of the week.Their fans,but they don’t look at things with Rose Colored Glasses.

Well Balanced Podcast

I’ve been listening since 2017 and haven’t missed too many pods. Love the content and the variety that each pod brings. I understand that you can go out there and get more X’s and O’s in other pods which I listen to also but this is the one I always come back too. There is more balance of that coupled with how an average fan feels week to week. The banter and differences in personality type between Ren and Brent is super entertaining. Love them both and completely understand the roll each plays. Wouldn’t be the same without them both. Thanks and keep it up

PewterCast fires the cannons

Just started listening a month or two ago and I really love how thorough you are. You comment on almost all the questions I have about my team. I’ll be listening for a long time to come

New listener

Started listening to this podcast after that clown “the commish” got popped. Love the vibe and actual buc football these guys provide. Very refreshing takes around all that is Buccaneers football.

Great podcast for a bad team

I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the season and these guys do a great job in covering what’s going on with this abysmal team. They always have a fun spin on what it’s like to be a Bucs fan. Id recommend this podcast for anyone wanting to keep up to date with the Bucs.

Best Bucs podcast

Production is great. Ren is an old school fan and knows Bucs history, Brent not so much. It seems as if Brent is responsible for the production quality and guides the ship but Ren is the one who really knows X’s&O’s. They are very consistent with the show scheduled and are definitely my favorite Bucs podcast. The guys have good chemistry and the shows are very entertaining plus the guest they bring on are great. If you’re looking for a quality Bucs podcast this is the one for you.

A must for Bucs news

Being from the San Francisco Bay Area we don’t get a lot of Bucs coverage unless they’re playing a local team. About a year ago I stumbled onto this podcast and have been listening ever since. I have been a Bucs fan since I was a kid and fell in love with the creamsicles. If you’re not from Florida and are a fan of the Bucs you need to listen and then subscribe. Thanks for all the hard work. Manuel

1 Star for Ren 4 for Brent

Hey it’s Eric out in San Diego. Also the title. JUST KIDDING! This is a fantastic podcast that does an exceptional job of providing great content while also letting the listener know that “hey we’re fans too”. If you follow a lot of Bucs media you’ll see Ren sends questions in to everyone (Stroud pod and buccaneers live) so that he can get the answers for the listeners. Also the quality of this podcast is second to none. Well done overall guys! Also Ren... when are we trading for Ramsey 😉

Great Bucs content!

I’ve been a subscriber for about a year and you guys do an excellent job of discussing the latest news and analysis of our Bucs each week. Each morning when there is a new Pewtercast available, it starts my day off right, even if the Bucs just lost! Haha Keep it up and maybe soon I’ll call in with a voicemail! For Bucs fans, when you are reading this review and haven’t decided yet on subscribing, give Brent and Ren a shot, you’ll be happy having The Pewtercast on your playlist.

Enjoy the coverage, boys.

Can you guys work in deeper explanations of what the Bucs are doing on Defense? Explain the coverages, # pass rushers, scheme, etc. Break the film down, if you will. Thanks!

Probably the 2nd best Bucs podcast.

I’ve been trying out a few different Bucs podcast, you guys are top of the line. You guys can still improve tho. 👌

My Favorite Bucs Podcast

Very good, informative and entertaining listen from two knowledgeable Bucs fans. Also have some great guests visit and contribute on some shows. As a fellow Bucs fan I appreciate their passion and devotion, and the good discussion going into and coming out of every game...and then some. Thanks guys, and keep up the excellent work! 👍

Quietly becoming the best Bucs pod

With due respect to PN pod and Bucs Nation these guys have well thought out takes and will not say something if they truly don't believe it. Warning: it may take a few episodes but you will learn to love Ren. There is a method to his insanity.

Edit out your choking

Just downloaded the podcast after the Niner game. Maybe I’m simply irritated by the loss, but literally had to spend 2 minutes of you choking on your own saliva. You edited out 20 seconds... when you grabbed water, but why did you keep the rest? Time is precious, we don’t need to hear you gasping for air.... hope ur ok BTW. Go Bucs!

Great podcast

Highly recommend this great Bucs podcast. The above is true, but I really just wanted to get on the podcast by leaving this review.

Good content - awful production values

The guy has good content - when he doesn’t have on boring guests - but he needs to spend $20 on a decent microphone. Also maybe invest another few dollars on a p-popper filter. Also turn the volume up. Yeah lost of complaints but the camp notes are interesting - it’s just too bad it’s such a half-a%#ed production, since spending like 2 mins on production and less than $25 would make it sound good. Finally the guests are awful - just boring people saying boring things. They’re not needed. Anywho I hope things get figured out since this would be the best Bucs podcast out there with just a tiny amount of work - which is currently being wasted as people will hear what sounds like a guy spitting into a telephone and just give up listening.

Year round.

Even in the off season, these guys are great. Ren and brent are funny, entertaining, and very knowledgable. Easy 5/5.

Use your real name

Brent is good. “REN” is bad.


If you can get over that Brent knows very little about football in general and that Ren is a narcissist, this is a halfway decent podcast. Bucs related and funny. They put out lots of content and are on top of the latest things Bucs. Just don’t expect news worthy scoops you couldn’t find on a random Bucs fans twitter page. 3 stars for being fun to listen to and one star for coverage of the team.

Merry Christmas and all that!

Great Podcast, enjoy the gift!

Well worth a sub

Have been listening to these guys since prior to last season. They're the epitome of a well done fan podcast. There a couple other ones out there that aren't cranked upstream fests, and the PewterCast guys tend to crossover with the good ones. Bottomline - good production, strong analysis, no pretense, and worth a portion of your content consumption budget.

Great podcast

This was one of the first Bucs podcast I started listening to and it still is one of the best I have found. They take you through the whole week from pregame to post and have ate very entertaining. Keep up the good work and GO BUCS!!!!!!

Ear Candy

As a long-suffering Bucs fan, it’s always a pleasure to listen to this duo extend my suffering with recaps and previews. My name is Todd and I’m a Bucaholic. I know the Bucs are bad for me, but I’m addicted. I try to quit, only to turn on iTunes and see great podcasts like the Pewtercast tempt me back to the bottle of long-suffering. I consume. I get riled up. I swear to quit (again). Step and repeat. Seriously, I always enjoy Pewtercast...especially the instacasts. Good job. I have nothing negative to say...except that Ren (sp?) is wrong about Jameis. There’s now year’s worth of excuses...over it. I want to be entertained, not kicked in the balls with his perpetual poor decision making. Cheers!

Follow up

My last name is Williams not smith haha .... not calling for Buckner to be the head coach just if the DLine improve from last season his job should be safe (hopefully) . Do you think a 3-4 scheme will fit with the personal we have? Penn State is roughly a 3 hour drive. And if you could pick the head coach OC and DC who would you choose? I would pick Jumbo fisher OC Jim Schwartz DC Keep Dirk as head coach Once again love the podcast keep up the good work

5 stars to help you out

Am I #100? I’ll take the signed brate pic k thx

Keep it going!

Love the show guys!

Great show!

Hey guys, hope youre well! Love the show! Im 20, so my experience with the Bucs has been pretty not great. They won the Lombardi when i was 5, so almost nonexistent in my memory. The best team that I can legit say I have seen is the 2010 Freeman led season, so that puts my point of view into perspective. Its been a rough go but I still find myself super hype going into every season and the hype train keeps chugging thanks to your podcast every week. Keep up the good work! (As a side, hopefully by next podcast Smith is gone, but who knows)

Great show

How Do You Guys Feel About Ali Marpet Getting A Huge Contract, Is It Over paid Or Under paid ?

Nice show to listen to.

DaQuan from North Carolina. Great show. The only thing I’m tired of seeing from bucs nation is that Gerald McCoy is soft. Not every great DT is an A**hole like Sapp. Sidenote i think it’s easier to improve on an idea than to start over and thats pertaining to mike smith. A new DC will make fans “feel” better but championship aren’t built on feelings. Offseason changes especially coaching is more effective. Ohhh yeah. I’m a bandwagon fan from the 02 Super Bowl win, I was 7 but i believe i can call myself a true fan after enduring the decade plus of disappointments.

Get them some creds

Would love to see what they could with media credentials because they are crushing it right now with out them. Takes are always spot on and I can see a pewetie in their future. Keep it up Rick from San Diego.

Don’t overdo the music

Gents, long time listener, and I appreciate your Bucs content. I really wanted to leave this complaint alone, because I choose to pick my battles, and I’m fine with the podcast, but my one major complaint is your attempt of using music during your transitions, specifically the length of time you use the music. For instance you got too cute with using the Fine Young Cannibal’s song “she drives me crazy” to introduce Carmen Vitali... you played a third of the song to get to the “drive me crazy” portion of the song... come on!? Get to the interview man, it just came off as bush league. This could have been an isolated incident but it continues to be a reoccurring theme in your podcasts. To the point, keep the music transitions short... we came here for the content and I appreciate adding transitions for the professional feel, but 5-10 sec is all you need. Keep up the good work guys. Danny

Go Bucs

Love the pod! Great takes and analysis all the time! Keeps you interested and excited for the game each and every week. Awesome getting to play Fantasy against you guys as well! Jordan in Kansas

Awesome podcast

Hey guys I love your podcast I’ve been listening since last season I’m from lynchburg va and became a bucs fan in 1997 when Rhonde was drafted I watched him at Virginia his whole career, love the coverage y’all do for non Floridians makes me feel like I’m Florida with all the news y’all give my only knock on the podcast is I don’t get one every day, keep up the great work guys it’s very much appreciated

Go Bucs!!

How are you guys doing! I have been listening to your podcast for about 6 months now! I live in the Orlando area. I think you guys do a fantastic job in your coverage of the team. You guys are my second favorite Bucs podcast. Keep up the good work! Go Bucs

#1 Bucs Podcast

I started following this podcast last season and now I can’t wait for every new episode. I’m a HUGE Bucs fan in Iowa, been a diehard fan through thick and thin since 1986. It’s hard to get insightful Buccaneer news in the Midwest especially when all the local media covers the Vikings and the Packers, so discovering this podcast was like having a ticket to the “water cooler” at One Buc Place. Great coverage guys keep up the good work, you have a lifelong fan here in Hawkeye country!!!

Great Podcast!

I recently started listening to this podcast and even became a Patron after listening to a few episodes. If you’re a Bucs fan, the content is fantastic. The only reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5 is because it’s too hard for ME to keep up with the amount of episodes.

Best Bucs Podcast There Is

This is hands down my favorite Bucs podcast. The media podcasts are redundant and all start sounding the same. This one is from a fans perspective and they don’t waste time trying to pretend to be unbiased. Brent and Ren are funny, intelligent, well informed, and their opinions are worth hearing. If there was one downfall, I’d say it’s that they don’t release enough episodes. I’d take one everyday if they could do it! Keep up the great work and Go Bucs!

Quality Bucs podcast for guys like me.

I’m a typical out of town Bucs fan who is just thirsty for Bucs content. I stumbled across the Pewtercast right after their first podcast and I’ve been listening ever since. They aren’t your typical Bucs podcast, so if you’re looking for behind the scenes info and breaking news this may not be the pod for you but they’re great at what they do. They’re fans just like you and me but they’re funny, insightful, knowledgeable and interesting. Brent is a fun host with a great attitude and Ren is a bit more of the analyst on the side that brings more random Bucs knowledge to the table. Of all the Bucs podcasts I listen to (and trust me... I listen to all of them) Brent and Ren are the two that are the most relatable and the ones I most want to get to know based on their pod. Thanks for all your hard work guys!


I really appreciated the comment concerning Lee DieKemper and the BUCS coaching staff. Ira Kaufman used to be my favorite podcast however, you guys are my favorite now. I love your analytical approach to your discussions. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Solid Podcast

Great work, Gentlemen. You guys found yourself squarely in my podcast rotation. Keep it up!

For Buccaneer fanatics!

Fun conversation between two Buccaneer fans who are easy to relate to. Ren provides the insight of a long time fan who gets the oft forgotten word, patience. Nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen!

Fun to listen to!

As a Bucs fan that now lives in Jacksonville, it’s tough to talk Bucs football with anyone here as everyone tries to convert me to be a Jags fan. Brent and Ren are funny and informative. I really like that they’re not afraid to voice their opinion, but willing to hear you at without acting like Skip Bayless. I’ve listened all season and joined in the instantcast chat room after the MNF game this week for the first time and had fun talking Bucs and hearing a little shout out as well to one of my comments in the Mixlr chat room. These 2 are very engaged with their listeners which makes it a really fun podcast. Keep up the great work. Go Bucs!


Brent and Ren are fantastic together and compliment each other perfectly with the humor and the seriousness. I’ve listened to this podcast since it’s inception and it’s gets better after every show. Brent and Ren know how to dissect every topic and every aspect of the game as if they were commentators. It’s always fun listening to how they read and react to other fans emails and they will give you their honest opinion even if they don’t always agree, which is to be respected. Their instacast shows are a great interactive way to between the hosts and the fans to get things off their chest whether good or bad about the team, even though for us more often than not it’s the bad... Keep up the great work PewterCast!!!

Ren is the smartest Buc fan ever

I listen to a handful of Bucs pods, but Ren is my go to guy. When I’m irritated with the Bucs play he always talks me off edge.

Favorite Bucs Podcast

Moved from Orlando out to the San Francisco Bay Area, but this podcast keeps me up to date on all things Bucs football. The fan interaction via calls and email makes this podcast really seem like a Bucs community. I enjoy every episode and can't recommend enough. Keep up the great work guys and GO BUCS!!

Great listen!

Living in San Diego it’s nice to listen to some Buccaneer talk. Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic listening, makes driving a breeze. Well not really, but it does help get my Bucs fix. Thanks for all the insight and keep up the good work!

A Must Listen

Originally from Tampa, Fl but now live in Baltimore, MD. Listening to this podcast makes me feel home with buddies talking about the Bucs. Brent and Ren are die hard fans that care about their listeners and give you a platform to speak about the team. I definitely recommend adding to your daily music/podcast routine. Also, for the first "1 star" they received. There are uncensored episodes for the listeners that don't care about the language aspect. In turn, they also produce PG-13 episodes for listeners with kids like myself that can be played with children in the vehicle/home. Keep up the great work guys!

I finally found others like me

This podcast is amazing I finally found other buc fans out there. Living in Southern California there are hardly any fans out here but you guys are great and so are the other buc fans that call in ,keep up the great work and I still and will always love my bucs

Fantastic Podcast

Thanks guys this Podcast helps me heal from the constant beat down this franchise provides every year. Ren’s voice reminds me of Bill Lumberg, “Yeah, did you get that memo?”

Great Bucs podcast delivered from a fan's perspective.

I regularly listen to about 5 or 6 different Bucs podcasts, most of which are put out by those in the media. Brent and Ren provide a different perspective as they do not have any behind the scenes insights, just a couple long time fans talking about Tampa's NFL team. Brent and Ren are obviously passionate about their team, however they typically do not let that passion cloud their analysis of the games. They also provide a platform, for those who wish to use it, for fans to express their thoughts or feelings about the team through the Fan Interaction segment and Instantcasts, something not too many other podcasts do. I'd recommend any Bucs fan subscribe and make this a regular part of their podcast/music routine.

One Of The Best!

Awesome podcast. Excellent Bucs talk. Personable hosts. You can also play a great drinking game when you listen. Take a shot every time Ren starts a sentence with “Yea.”

Great Podcast

Hey Ren and Brent, This is such a great podcast. I really enjoy all the different formats that you bring on one Podcast. If i have one complaint it would be the length you have each caller on during the Instant cast show. Mostly cause of their connection or background noise seems to be terrible. Keep doing what your are doing. Steve

Best bucs podcast out there!!

I've listened to every buccaneers podcast out there, and I can honestly say this one is the best. I enjoy listening every week. Question 1: who right now, would you say are our starting safeties? I know they rotate, so it's hard to know who's actually starting. Question 2: What do you think mike smith is thinking when it comes to beckwith and kwon at middle linebacker. Your going to have to resign kwon in a couple years. If beckwith continues to play well at Middle linebacker what do you do?

Everything you want in a Bucs fan podcast!

Everything you'd expect for and by longtime Buccaneers supporters with real insight and understanding of the game of football!

Pretty good Buc's podcast

Entertaining and informative. They should listen to that old guy who tells them to talk about Buc's football a lot more. Trevor also need to watch Ghostbusters(not the girl version) and Splash before he's allowed to talk again. One more thing; before I saw a picture of Alan Cross, I just assumed Mark Cook referred to him as his son because they both have confederate gold buried in their backyard.


Welcome to the MOVEMENT!! #StickCarriers

Great Bucs podcast

One more entry into the excellent selection of Buccaneer podcasts. Certainly worth subscribing to. Keep up the great work guys. Good Twitter follow also. 👍

Fun & Unique Show

Brent and Ren are so much fun. There is no Bucs podcast out there like The Pewter Cast. The main segment is always pertinent to what's going on with the team. IMO Brent & Ren seem to always be ahead of the podcast information curve. The top 3 is my favorite segment 'cause I find it fun to see if my 3 matches up with theirs. I usually listen while I'm doing housework and the episodes usually last me a day or two, which I love. Hope I get to hear this review in the next listener interaction segment. I'm a fan of hearing what other Buc fans have to say and really like it when they email their own top 3 lists. Thanks so much for making folding laundry not such a chore. Five Stars -Cheryl

Love The PewterCast!

I'm Andrew, a Bucs fan in New Jersey who used to live in St. Pete. Love the podcast--it's my favorite Bucs podcast by far. The long shows are GREAT--don't listen to anyone who says to cut the time down. We need our Bucs fix! Thanks for telling us you were on the Bears podcast--you were great on it. And I look forward to your Hard Knocks podcast too. Thank you for all you do--and keep up the great work!

Home away from home

I'm a long time Bay area resident that has transplanted to the Big Apple. So finding in depth Buccaneers coverage has been a struggle to say the least. Then I found The Pewter Cast. Their longer episodes makes my commute feel like it takes half the time. Also the chemistry between Brent & Ren I find charming & fun. Thank you so much Pewter Cast for perfectly filling my Bucs fix, 5 stars. Bucs Fan In Enemy Land Emma Go Bucs

Go to Bucs Podcast

Real simple! Want a great podcast that talks Tampa Bay football. This is the one to listen to. Why you may ask? This is a well thought out and informative show. I can't wait to see the show grow and give us fans a great podcast.

One of the best!

This is one of my favorite Podcasts. I enjoy listening to Brent and Ren talk about my favorite football team. Both work well together to create an entertaining and informative podcast. Great job guys! Go Bucs!

Great Podcast

As a Bucs Fan living in Maryland I listen to a lot of podcasts to try and get the scoop on things going on in One Buc place and listen to other fans on their opinions this is one podcast I listen to on the day it comes out really appreciate the effort and work Brent put into the show


Good quality content, feel good atmosphere and thought out concepts. A podcast for any Buc fan, often times take calls from fans!

Annoying background music

Content and host are fine but the music in the background during the intro is so distracting. Unfortunately the intro is usually almost 10 minutes long.

One of the better bucs pods out there!

Love hearing the fresh takes from Brent and all the guests he brings on to discuss the state of the Buc Union! Keep it up and go bucs!

Great new podcast!

As a Bucs fan in Atlanta who has been starved for content about my favorite team for the last few years, the slew of new Bucs podcasts this year has been fantastic, and the pewter cast is right there at the top of the heap. THANK YOU to Brent for putting out top notch content twice (or more!!!) every single week. Thanks again, and hopefully one day soon #itsabucslife won't be the war cry of an ailing fan base anymore.

My first podcast subscription

With the loss of local team coverage, I am forced to fill my need for quality Buccaneer coverage. This podcast provides great information and expert team analysis that fills the void, especially living in Atlanta. GO BUCS!

Great Job!

Awesome podcast! Stays up to date and puts max effort into making sure the fans always have something to listen to! To me those are the two things that set this podcast apart from the rest! Thank you pewter cast!

Great Podcast

A fan review podcast after each game. What more can you ask for? Beer?Wings? Maybe. Seriously, it's a very well done podcast. I listen after every game.

Great podcast!

I enjoy hearing a podcast by fans for fans. You can tell he is a fan of our Buccaneers. Give him a listen.

Great podcast!

My new favorite podcast to listen to! I look forward to the next episode!

Great podcast, better host!

This podcast is a breathe of fresh air, nice to hear a positive voice of my beloved Buccaneers! I am on the road a lot and listen to all and anything I can on the Bucs and it's nice to hear someone who doesn't bash on our team. I've listened since episode 00 and even loved the bonus episode on NeedToBreathe! Never heard of the band before and am now a fan. Keep up the GREAT content and I look forward to a exciting Bucs season!!

Great podcast

I loved the instant reaction to the game!

Bucs Fans Rejoice

Who cares if the Bucs get little to no national attention- we have the Pewtercast!!! Excellent reviews and news about the Buccaneers. So glad to have found this. We are being blessed this year with several good podcasts that focus on the Bucs and this one is top notch!


Love the show! Great content! Keep up the good work!

Great podcast!

Brent is a great host who really knows what he's talking about. He can be critical without being cynical. His passion really shines. And he has a face (just kidding) and voice for radio. As a big time consumer of podcasts, I can say that this is one of the best. Not only of the Bucs, but sports in general.

Best Bucs Podcast Out There

There are a handful of Bucs podcasts, but only one is speaking directly to the fans. Brent is a great host, and he talks about things in a way that no one else does. All the other podcasts, while good, tend to say the same thing and they sound just the same as all the Bucs blogs and news sites. His take on changing the culture is exactly right and I can't wait to hear more as the season gets here. Everyone else needs to leave a review too, cause I want that instant take show he keeps talking about. Go Bucs! #Bucs4Life

Great Podcast

Living in Connecticut it's awesome to have podcasts such as Off the Edge, What the Buc, and the Pewter Cast, I am a huge fan of all of them as I can never get enough of bucs content. For this podcast in particular, I enjoy how long the podcast is as I can never get enough bucs talk, the background music is awesome and the content is great, I especially love the segment where quotes from the media sessions are discussed, I'm looking forward to the upcoming season and if you are a die hard bucs fan like myself I highly recommend this podcast, awesome job

Very Good Podcast

I have been very satisfied listning to this podcast. Good, discussion based material. I am a fan who lives outside of Florida, so it's nice to hear anoter fan's perspective who is also not local to the team. The podcasts have a very good pace to them and flow very well.

A must listen for Bucs fans.

A lot of TB Buccaneer Podcasts have come and gone but this podcast is a must listen for Bucs fans. I love the fan approach of the podcast. Brent talks Bucs football on our level because he is a huge fan himself. The music is really good and his take on changing the Buccaneer's football culture is right on. Go Bucs!

Awesome Cast.

Obviously a true fan from the orange days. He is honest and covers everything I want in a podcast about my BUCS. Keep keeping on. OrlandoUnited! Aloha love! My only advice is to screw this review thing and do more casts no matter what.

Go Bucs

Listened to all the podcasts, this is what you need. Each one gets better.

If you are a Bucs Fan you need this podcast in your life

This podcast is excellently executed. It's a fan talking about one of our favorite teams. The talk is backed up by facts. I wake up in the morning hoping there is a new episode to listen to. Also the audio quality is tremendous and I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work

Best Bucs Podcast Ever

This podcast is by a fan for fans. Finally someone who brings good sense to the chaos that often comes with being a Bucs fan. His insights are often surprising, sometimes amusing, and almost always spot on.

Best Bucs Podcast Out There.

Finally! Someone who doesn't annoy me like that obnoxious polish fella and that cry baby from BucsBrief. Everyone can enjoy the content from this Buccaneers podcast from a competent host!!

The Pewtercast is AWESOME!!!!!

Love the podcast! Brent Allen is excellent and the content is great! Looking forward to future Pewtercasts and GO BUCS!!!!!

Great podcast

It was a great podcast and I cannot wait to listen to future episodes and go back and listen to previous episodes

For all Bucs fans

I listened for 10 minutes and I was hooked. Great content. Looking forward to your next review during the offseason and into the regular season. Fire the cannons!

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