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Jan. 8, 2019

InstantCast - The New Bucco Bruce

InstantCast - The New Bucco Bruce

If you'd like to support the show while getting some cool PewterCast kick backs, check us out at   There's a new Bucco Bruce in Tampa Bay, and his name is Bruce Arians.  Our Beloved Buccaneers have hired Bruce Arians as the new Head...

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The InstantCast is our post game live call in show, where we take to the airwaves to give our immediate reactions to the game. Except this isn't about a game, it's all about the new Head Coach in town, Bruce Arians. We also open up the phone lines to talk to our fellow fans, and this show, our lines blew up. This fan base is energized and this is one of our best InstantCasts yet.

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