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Sept. 14, 2016

Episode 11 - Dirty Birds Can't Fly

Episode 11 - Dirty Birds Can't Fly

Top 3 Reason the Bucs Make the Playoffs, and Fan to Fan, Live!

This week, your host, Brent Allen, is joined by Ben from the Bucs and Brews podcast to discuss the Bucs season opening win in Atlanta, plus they talk a little about the upcoming game in Arizona.

This week, the Top 5 is replaced by the Top 3, and this time it's the Top 3 Reasons the Bucs will Make the Playoffs this Season.  

And then the show is finished out by an old segment with a new twist, Fan to Fan, LIVE!  Brent and Ben do it Bucs and Brews style, have a beer and talk fandom.  

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